Probing Bee Movie's innermost themes and deepest metaphors so you don't have to.

time to le


t the bees finally assimilate with me. finally, we can form the ultimate beeing. i will become one with the bees

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Anonymous asked:

Sometimes I wonder about makin fanart/fic for Bee Movie... but some of my ideas are NSFW and I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing to this fandom 0.0


anon do what u want :>

imo the bee movie fandom’s reputation can’t get any worse

also sorry for the inactivity guys, i have been having Image Editing Software Issues 

I was planning to wait until I got to 400 followers to do another promo spam but idk maybe I should just do it every time I get back to 300 after losing followers from the previous one. what do you guys think. oh that’s right i dont give a shitting shit

I’m actually really disappointed that I didn’t lose more followers

you guys suck